Secure Your Businesses Most Valuable Data

Manage Team Members

• Monitor employee’s internet activity
• URL Filtering and blocking
• App blocker
• GPS Locator for Mobile employees
• Mobile, Application, Access
• Visualize all internet activity
• Notification of activity

Protect Your Network

• Monitor Network activity
• Stop threats on the edge
• Set system guidelines
• Simplify Network Segmentation
• Find and control problems fast
• Software Defined WAN
• Advances Malware Protection (AMP)
• Controlling Bandwidth Exhaustive Policies
• Mobile, Application, Access
• Network Visibility Protection
• Application Visibility Control (AVC)

Participate Safely

• Monitor employee’s internet activity
• Monitor system guidelines
• Protect users where they work
• GPS Locator for Mobile employees
• 24/7 VPN connection anywhere in the world


• Turn on and off the internet per child, device, or all devices
• Set unlimited on and off schedules for each person
• Customize filters for each person with over 84 filter choices
• Block Pornography, Social Media, Drugs, and 81 other internet Categories
• Allow or block apps per person
• Allow or block specific websites per person
• Customize notification per person
• Control daily usage for each person
• Track a phone with GPS Locater


• See all websites visited
• See all websites blocked
• See all internet traffic accessing each person
• See all cyber criminals attempting to hack
• See all companies attempts to take your personal information
• See how much time used online


• Full VPN protection for every device for Identity protection
• Scrub all internet traffic for viruses, Keylogers, Malware, botnets, trojans, adware and many more.