Is Your Business At Risk?

Undetected Cyber Security Issues Can Pose a Real Threat!

Become Your Own Network Administrator With SaferNet!

Protect Your Companies Future Growth, Brand, Operations, Critical Information, and Assets.

Manage Team Members

  • Monitor employee’s internet activity
  • URL Filtering and blocking
   • App blocker
  • GPS Locator for Mobile employees
  • Mobile, Application, Access
  • Visualize all internet activity
  • Notification of activity

Protect Your Network

  • Monitor Network activity
  • Stop threats on the edge
  • Set system guidelines
  • Simplify Network Segmentation
  • Find and control problems fast
  • Software Defined WAN
  • Advances Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Controlling Bandwidth Exhaustive Policies
  • Mobile, Application, Access
  • Network Visibility Protection
  • Application Visibility Control (AVC)

Participate Safely

  • Monitor employee’s internet activity
  • Monitor system guidelines
  • Protect users where they work
  • GPS Locator for Mobile employees
  • 24/7 VPN connection anywhere in the world


It's time you knew without a doubt that your organization's critical information is secure. 


Any network. Any Device. Anywhere in the world. Your group is fully protected.

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Stop wondering if the Wi-Fi or cell network is safe. Anywhere in the world on any device, our CyberSafety technology protects you from all known cyber threats.

No matter what network your employee’s device connects to, when our technology is activated on your device it can thwart any known cyber-attacks. We can see and stop viruses, keyloggers, malware, botnets, trojans, adware, and phishing software to name a few. But CyberSafety doesn't just prevent attacks like these, we can detect identity thieves and cyber predators as well.

Audit resource access and detect users’ anomalies with SaferNet’s individual user’s safety score and get the full picture of your employee’s internet activity with complete network visibility.

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You get to tell the internet what to do. Seriously. 

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We take control from big brother and give it back to you. Manage SaferNet technology in the way that works best for you. Our Dashboard provides you with over 200 internet controls including unlimited internet on/off schedules, App blocking, white and blacklisting of websites, GPS tracking, real time alerts and notifications, and 84 SMART filters, GPS tracking, Unlimited profiles and many more.

Our goal is to provide you with a world-class experience using the best technology in the world, all delivered to you in a simple, intuitive app. To top it off, our technology gets smarter for you the more you use it.

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All Packages Include:

256-bit Encrypted VPN
Customized Filtering
Over 200 Internet Controls
84 Internet Filters
Realtime Notifications
Unlimited Schedules
Allowed/Blocked Websites
App Blocking
Daily Usage Limits
Cyber Security
Safety Score
Internet On/Off Switch
Unlimited Profiles
Cloud Based Dashboard
Google Safe Search
VPN Pause
GPS Tracking