Digital Distancing



No one purposefully enters a situation where the threat of a virus is imminent. We take precautions and use tools to help protect us from a virus that cannot be seen but can hurt us. The same needs to be said about using the public internet. Viruses are everywhere and SaferNet is a simple and economical solution to protect you and your loved ones devices online. Whether your increased activity in the internet is due to working from home or school closings, your exposure to viruses has increase exponentially. We believe SaferNet can help keep you safe online while your social distancing is keeping you safe outside.

Viral Infection Rates increase with increased exposure; with websites being much like door knobs and wet surfaces, the increase in activities that increase the interactions with unknown environments increase your likelihood of contracting a virus in the real world.

The same applies with applications, websites, unknown files, social media and content distribution sites. All of these activities are environments that you cannot control and are at the mercy of the developers, marketers, senders, community members and writers of content. Any link can be an injection point for a virus, and and can be disguised as push marketing, cookies, sign up pages, click here for more info, open this or simply connecting to public Wi-Fi. We all take the risk everyday of exposing ourselves and when the risk pays off, we don’t think twice about doing it again. It’s when we get infected that we take inventory of what we could have, should have, and would have done if we had it to do over again. SaferNet makes the could have, should have, and would have simple and easy to do and it protects you against the potential threats we are know are out there.

SaferNet users are protected from all forms of viral infections online with our 24/7, 256-bit Encrypted VPN. Have peace of mind with SaferNet today!

What Does SaferNet Protect You From?

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