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Block Porn & Adult Content with Our FREE Porn Blocker…

SaferNet and its partners inspect every website in the world to determine what content it contains. The internet changes by the minute and hundreds of thousands of new websites are being added daily as well as new content being added to existing websites.

We have partnered with Webroot, one of the world’s leading threat intelligence companies giving us real-time updates and global protection. All SaferNet products come with our porn blocker software that works on all your devices, anywhere in the world.

Anywhere Protection

Worldwide Protection for all Cell Phones, Tablets & Computers…

Our SaferNet “Anywhere Protection” is designed to block porn on both wifi and cellular networks across town or around the world. Giving you peace of mind wherever your travels take you.

Our FREE Porn Blocker cloud-based software and apps run on the most devices including Mac, IOS, Android, PC, Chrome, and Amazon Fire. At SaferNet we are committed to adding more devices as needed – next up for our develop team are gaming consoles.

Real-Time Alerts

We Keep it Simple with an Easy to use Dashboard & Real-Time Alerts…

At SaferNet we know that if it’s easy to use you will use it more often. So, our mission is to “Make the simplest and safest software products that empower parents to protect kids online” We offer an easy to use cloud-based dashboard and apps that are so intuitive anyone can navigate it in minutes.

When someone wanders to a site that is blocked by our content filters all Administrators on your account will receive a real-time alert on their devices providing you an opportunity to communicate with the user for accountability.communicate with the user.

Kids between 12-17

View The Most Porn

Porn’s Impact on Kids:

  • Lasting negative or traumatic emotional responses.
  • Earlier onset of first sexual intercourse, thereby increasing the risk of STDs over the lifespan.
  • The belief that being married or having a family are unattractive prospects.
  • Increased risk of developing sexual compulsions and addictive behavior.
    And overestimating the prevalence of less common practices (e.g., group sex, bestiality, or sadomasochistic activity).

64% of Marriages are

Impacted by Porn

Porn’s Impact on Marriages:

  • 68% of divorces involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.
  • 56% involved one party having “an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”
  • 47% involved spending excessive time on the computer.
  • 33% involved excessive time spent speaking in chat rooms.
  • Porn ruins a couple’s intimacy and sex life.
  • Porn use is the second strongest indicator that a marriage will suffer.

Our Mission

To Create a Safer Internet!

Our FREE Porn Blocker was created to be a gift to the “world” and help us fulfill our mission. In addition to our FREE Porn Blocker App, our cloud-based family of Full-Featured, Low-Cost, Premium Products provides you and your loved ones everything you need to keep them safe online on all your devices anywhere in the world. To learn more about our family of products go to

We Give 2% of Net Profits to Invest in Organizations that Rescue, Protect and Restore Kids Enslaved in Sex Trafficking

Our commitment to protecting you and your family is our top priority; however, we also help those caught up in sex trafficking through our “Give Back Program” that invests in organizations that rescue, protect and restore those enslaved in sex and human trafficking. This FREE Porn Blocker was developed to help fulfill our Mission to “Create a Safer Internet” and is the centerpiece of our Give Back Program.

What Our Users Are Saying

“SaferNet is so easy to use and it’s really given me my peace of mind back knowing that even when I am not around, my son can’t wander into the parts of the internet that would hurt him. Thanks SaferNet!

- Luke B. (Single Dad of 12 year old Son)

“I love the SaferNet features that allow us to have schedules that work for our boys. We set up age-appropriate content and blocked the apps we didn’t want with the simple on/off toggle."

- Greg T. (Father of Two)

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