The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting businesses all around the world.

P2 is offering SaferNet as a perfect solution to the new “work-from-home” mandates that businesses face today. Most companies did not have time to truly prepare for the new cybersecurity risks associated with employees handling sensitive company information while working from home on unsecure networks. Because of this increased activity on unsecure networks, hackers and criminals are upping their activity, seeing huge opportunity for attacks during this time. With Malicious login and phishing attacks up over 200%, it is scary to know 55% of those attempts go unnoticed and 75% of those hacking attempts are successful. It is even more frightening for a business to realize that 70% of Wi-Fi networks out there that their employees are working on are unsecured.

SaferNet is the perfect solution for every company’s current work from home reality. It not only connects every device using a secure, 24/7 always on, military grade VPN, but it also stops outside cyber threats and viruses as well. On SaferNet, all employees are fully protected anywhere in the world, all the time, on any cellular or any Wi-Fi network.

In addition to SaferNet’s malware protection, they also offer a range of employee controls including internet filtering, monitoring, scheduling, and blocking access to websites or even website categories. It truly is an endpoint security presence that can be implemented in minutes around the world, on phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

SaferNet guarantees a smooth setup and installation process that takes only minutes, and an easy accessible control hub for you to monitor your employee’s network; including activity, time spent online, and threats blocked. Protect your employees and your business today, and have peace of mind that your online and network Safety is assured.

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Monitor your entire business network, gaining insight into employee safety statistics, browser activity, and time spent online.


Control your entire network, limiting access to certain websites, web categories, and apps.


Our 256-bit always-on VPN catches malware, ransomware, keyloggers, trojans, spyware, adware, and data trackers in the cloud and quarantines them before they can reach employee devices.