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Here's What Others Are Saying About SaferNet…

Jerry N.
Data Scientist
"I have always known I should be doing more about security but was not sure what to do. SAFERNET made it easy, simple, and cost effective to setup a VPN for me and my family."
Lola M.
"I got two teenage boys (8 and 13) and WOW am I thankful for SaferNet. For me it’s piece of mind knowing that my boys aren't getting into anything they shouldn’t at their age. I also love the internet kill switch when they aren't listening to me!"
David H.
College Student
"I used to always be skeptical about how important having a VPN and Cybersecurity was, but now that i can see everything trying to access my personal data all day long I will never take SaferNet of my Phone. It’s the security you don't realize you need until you have it."
Kurt V.
"SaferNet provides the protection and security I have wanted to ensure my information and family are safe."
Brian S.
Business Owner
"Before I learned about Safernet, I was honestly quite blind to online risks. After using the product for the past two years I have learned so much more about the risks of using my devices while connected to public networks, and how my devices can contract malware and other malicious threats by visiting websites I would have never known were harmful. Now, with Safernet I can visually see what I am being protected from and I can also set custom parameters that keep me safe no matter what network I am on. I am so glad to know that I am Cyber Safe!"
Jack M.
“We like the control we have over our son’s internet time and the places he can visit. SaferNet also provides us peace of mind knowing our data and profiles are safe anywhere in the world, no matter where we are.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14-Day FREE Trial work?

We are so confident that you will love SaferNet that you can try-it-free for 14-days. We will not charge your Credit Card until the 14-days expire and you can always cancel your subscription anytime.

What devices work with SaferNet?

Our App can be downloaded on the following: PCs, Macs, Android Smart Phones, iPhones, Tablets, iPads, Chrome Books, and Kindle/Amazon Fire.

How easy is it to set-up?

It will take less than 5 minutes to set up your Account, User Profiles and load the apps on your devices.